Meet Debbie Kirsch,

the Tip to Tail Gourmet!

Well, here it is, I have finally put together a new website! I am proud to launch Tip to Tail Gourmet, my newest venture and creative outlet. For over 20 years I ran my own business, Blue Ribbon Floor Plans, serving the needs of local Realtors®, contractors, architects, and decorators, by producing custom floor plans of existing homes, or home improvement projects. This allowed me to get inside some fabulous architecture, as well as help to bring to life smaller home projects, such as bathroom or basement remodels, and it challenged the creative side of my brain. I have always been “artistic”, having been in the first AP Art class at New Trier East High School, I contemplated pursuing a career in medical illustration during college, though I came out with Econ major. Now, I have found that food can be a very creative artistic medium, plus it has many benefits… DELICIOUS benefits!

Additionally, I have been a life long competitive equestrian, winning year end awards at both the state and national level. I even got into the dog show world a few years ago, and my Labrador, Wayne, achieved his Champion title in May 2019. From these passions came the name Tip to Tail Gourmet, from the tip of the horse’s ears all the way down to the tail of the dog, It encompasses everything, start to finish, my desire to create a beautiful table, tasty appetizers, salads, enjoyable main courses, breads, and wines, never forgetting a delicious dessert or fabulous cheese tray.

Join me as I continue to expand my knowledge of cooking and baking, and I hope you get inspired too!

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