Focaccia Art

This was my first time trying focaccia art, well, it was only my second time making focaccia, tbh. I would chalk it up to a learning experience since it wasn’t really as cute as I would have liked. However, the bread tastes great, so it was a win there!

Photo credit: ©️Debra M. Kirsch

I was going for some delicate flowers, and not too much going on. Several of the focaccia that I’ve seen, I feel as though they have been over decorated, and might be a bit much on the taste front. I used cherry tomatoes, red onion, and chives for the flowers & stems, and some rosemary leaves and thyme for the leaves and green touches.

Photo credit: ©️Debra M. Kirsch

More olive oil and pressing the herbs into the dough more might have helped them adhere better. After baking, the herbs were pretty delicate, though the tomatoes held up very well.

I think it’s fun to get a little color going, so the yellow and red tomatoes helped with that, perhaps a bit more red onion would have been cuter, too, and definitely more green!

Photo credit: ©️Debra M. Kirsch

The final product, after a light brush with some garlic butter, was delicious. This will pair well with dinner and make up some lovely sandwiches, I’m already thinking of fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes, they are all in the fridge so a caprese sandwich is definitely in store.

Bon Appetit!!

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