Spatchcock Pesto Chicken

Photo credit: ©Debra M. Kirsch 2020

I saw perfectly sized whole young chIckes at the market the other day so I grabbed one. I love to dress these in this manner, it really results in an evenly cooked bird that is flavorful and juicy, and it cooks in less time.

If you have never spatchcocked a chicken, it is quite easy, here is a quick step by step guide to it.

Once your chicken in ready, just pat dry, place skin up on a roasting pan. Next, use your finger to lift the skin from the meat, but don’t remove it, this is so the pesto can be placed under the skin. I used pesto from the refrigerated section of the store, if you want to make your own, go for it! Stir up the pesto so it is easy to spoon, and insert it under the skin, working it all over the meat of the breast, thigh, and leg the best you can. You can rub some on the top to give the skin some yummy flavor, it will crisp up beautifully.

Place the chicken in a 425°F for 45 minutes, it will crisp up and cook evenly. Remove from the oven and let it rest for 5-8 minutes, a great time to pull together some stir fry, or your favorite, veggies. This recipe can be adjusted to use herb butter under the skin with the the chicken surrounded with all kinds of vegetables, for a great one pan meal.

Photo credit: ©Debra M. Kirsch 2020

Enjoy this on a crisp fall night with a glass of wine and you are sure to impress your family or friends.

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