I’m more than just food!

Photo credit: Debra M Kirsch ©️2020

Tip to Tail Gourmet came to me because I like all the aspects of a great meal. Setting a beautiful table, finding the right wine (it helps that my husband is a total wine geek!), and creating meals from start to finish that flow well, and use fresh ingredients. It’s the whole experience that I’m chasing, all the way from the tip of the ears down to the tail, and all parts in between!

These beauties grace our front garden every year. Originally, they were my Great Aunt Gin’s, and when she passed away I dug up a bunch and replanted them at our house. They were part of a large garden I put together in our backyard, it was my pride and joy. I learned so much about gardens with that one. A few years later, when we sold that house, I dug them up and brought them here, they have always seemed to offer a connection to the past. An old fashioned flower, that’s been in the family a long time, an heirloom.

We decided to redo the garage after about 15 years and peonies were going to need to be relocated so they weren’t crushed, out to the front they went and they have thrived in the sun and welcomed visitors with their bobbing blooms.

Photo credit: Debra M Kirsch ©️2020

It sets such a welcoming table to have fresh flowers, and those loose and informal bunches make a weeknight dinner special or welcome guests with beguiling aroma. Putting together floral arraignments is always one of the most fun parts of hosting friends for dinner, in my opinion.

Colorful peonies always make beautiful full bouquets, so when the time presents itself I grab the snippers and go to town. There are still buds and blooms out front, so hopefully I’ll get a second wave after the weather breaks. Until then, I have to think of what I’ll make for dinner so we can enjoy these beauties on the dining room table.

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Equestrian, dog lover, and home gourmet.

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